Further evidence that SUV's are crap

Jeep Grand Cherokee almost rolled in test Chrysler says overloaded

Chrysler has been forced to issue a statement defending the safety of its Jeep Grand Cherokee after a driver from a Swedish car magazine almost rolled a vehicle during an emergency lane change manoeuvre.

In the manoeuvre, often referred to in Sweden as an “elk” or “moose” test, a Grand Cherokee lurches on to two wheels after the driver changes direction sharply.

The video is great!

Of course SUV’s are crap H I’m supprised it took you this long to figure it out what with their high BB, i mean centre of gravity.

HA! POW! Right in the BB!

This is the same test that the first A-Class mercs failed.

The German response:

[FONT=Arial]The German maker made modifications to the car as a result of the incident.[/FONT]

Good work.

The American response:

[FONT=Arial]Chrysler, however, hotly disputes the findings of the test, saying the car was overloaded.[/FONT]


While we are on the topic of cars…


Yep A-class was designed to have a large underfloor battery pack for potential hybrid/electric operation which would have lowered the CG and helped stability.

Jeep on the other hand was designed soley to be a festering piece of shit :stuck_out_tongue:
I love it how chrysler say it has electronic this that and the other which could well make it impossible for even the most ham fisted driver to roll the car even on poorly made roads, however if you manage to hit a curb sideways no ammount of electronic jiggery pokery will make up for the fact that the CG is higher than a sensibly proportioned car and hence a rollover more likley. Oh yeah and there is no actuall australian standard for rollover protection… oops (this is why all the hilux’s etc. on mine sites have roll cages fitted).

you canna change the laws of physics cap’n

That’s what happens when you use 4x4’s for anything other than their intended purpose - namely, smashing through the scrub loaded with numerous passengers armed with firearms trying to run over our native fauna.

The only acceptable excursions on bitumen are when the occupants have run out booze and need fresh stocks of rum and women

Half expecting him to clean up one of the mash dudes bombing hills


Actual LOL.


[QUOTE=]It says subsequent testing by the magazine, with Chrysler engineering staff present, could not replicate the problem.

In a statement, the US maker says:

"Advised of this event by the magazine, Chrysler Group engineers made numerous attempts to reproduce the wheel-lift in a properly loaded vehicle. Extensive testing produced no such result.

“A subsequent evaluation was conducted by the magazine July 8 in Sweden and witnessed by Chrysler Group engineers. Three vehicles performed 11 runs on a course prepared by the magazine. None reproduced the original event.”[QUOTE]

Hence their response. The merc A class actually had a genuine, repeatable roll over problem. And it looks like a shoe.

Try the same test with a land cruiser troop carrier, bet it hits the deck time and time again.

The problem is less the car,
more the soccer mums driving them,
with a cappacino and a mobile phone and an i pad and three kids in the car.

missus and i had a Jeep Wrangler pre-kids, we both agree it was the most fun car we ever owned.

Orange mocha frapacino is all i think of when i see wranglers

My wife had a Suzuki Cappuccino when we first met. Worst car ever.

i think this should be in the true confessions thread…

A mate has one of these (bought from adelaide no less), even for 6’4" me it’s fukn awesome

My sister had a wranger with 11x32" muddies on it… most fun car to drive ever… drove over everything, and I felt like Ace Ventura/Jim Carey.

QFT - Miners call them rolluxes :confused: [they’re miners - not comedians]

Jeep probably has soft suspension and sway bars to keep the soccer mums happy, when it seems like it could do with some oversteer inducing stiffness instead.

I was once yelled at by one when who ran a stop sign and almost hit me, for being in the wrong, and I quote…
“It’s your fault because you saw me and I didn’t see you”.

Lucky I am on the offensive when i see a 4wd because if I expected her to follow the road rules i would be dead or at the least in a wheelchair