Future of Public Transport...YDIW

Shweeb, Rotorua, New Zealand | The future of public transport?

A recubant monorail.

The Age at the cutting edge of news. BSNYC already took the piss out of this a year or 2 back. Bike Snob NYC: Untenable Positions: Contortionist Cockpits

If I was in charge of everything (on my way already) I’d ban cars and public transport and make everyone ride green machine’s.

You’ve got my vote.

“As there’s very little resistance, the Shweebs can get up to high speeds quite quickly and without having to pedal too hard. About 40km/h can be reached without too much effort, though in non-racing environments it’s expected that commuters would amble along at 20 to 25 km/h. Barnett claims that aerodynamic design of the vehicles would mean Shweebers would expend only half the energy of road cyclists for the same speed”

Jeez, it’s so hard to ride at 20km/h…

…fuck it, I’m taking the bus

i’d be confused as to how it would start/stop without capsules colliding.