Here’s more of what’s on offer:


holy shitsicle. odd description

Holy crap!

Also… Whaaaaa…?

Holy hell foa group buy and we all get x amount of days per year to ride them.

dat front wheel…

^ wtf!

Wonder what the reserve is.

whoaaaa i just crap my pants!

That wheel is worth the starting price alone…A hubless wheel from the past: The Black Hole | Bicycle Design

so thats where all the Sprints are

70 bikes divided by 50k… im in?

  • import taxes

  • Container and packaging

  • Someone to go over inspect catalog and pack

  • Hassle of deciding who gets what…

  • way to much trouble…

Sounds like bullshit to me.
Check the guy’s history. Was a buyer only for 3 months.
Sold a PoS frameset and a pair of shoes or two.

I smell scam.

Man, hope I won that 70mill in Lotto tonight!!! Fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap

Holy crap I’d give my first born for that LOOK.

my first thought too. ‘holy fuck, someone actually made that hubless wheel that all the ID students keep making renders of!’

I checked out the link at te bottom.

So so so many amazing looks. All crazy monocoque carbon designs. Fucking amazing.

that otero is siiiick.

not a single BMX amongst them though Steve!!

haha I can actually picture you sitting tryin to figure out just how you’re gonna get one of those looks! haha.

i’d like to see some of these used, such a shame to just sit around.

If this is real it is totally a retirement fund. Ka-ching!