I’ve been in NZ for a week on my honeymoon. And being a good husband I restrained myself to visiting only three bike shops. One in Christchurch (Laurie Dawe Cycles) and 2 in Dunedin. And they delivered in spades. In Christchurch the owner not only sells bikes, he collects them!

Cycle Surgery in Dunedin was even better, with a rack of vintage track bikes in the garage, then a KHS aero, Genius aluminium, a 20" road bike and stacks more in the store, plus complimentary tea/coffee/chocolate.

Across the road I found an outdoor shop with some white $995 Vortex track bikes (Suzue Jr’s, Alex rims, ick) hidden on the 3rd floor in storage along with a Team NZ monocoque TT track bike. Some shopping bikes hanging from the rafters, plus Miche hubs in a glass cabinet.

I didn’t see any fuxies during my travels. Heaps of SS’s in Christchurch, along with tons of old lugged steel road bikes, and almost everyone (on bikes) ignores red lights. Plenty of MTBs everywhere, and stacks of cycle tourists panniered up to the max.

I was pleasantly surprised when a Postie whizzed past me on a bright red SS, I found one later on to snap a pic.

I was sorely tempted to bring one of the frames from Cycle Surgery home with me, twin plate fork crowns are so pretty, and one had super high flange hubs with world champ bands on it. Instead I settled for a pair of 32h low flange NOS Campy Record hubs. So smooth, so pretty, these are going on the next build at some point in the future, which will hopefully be a custom frame.

Obligatory pics:

Surely the lovely new wife would like to furfil her obligations of making the new husband happy, and purchase him a lovely new fixie!!!

Great photos and story, i am heading to NZ soon…and as I have no wife, means I have no reason to bring toys back!!!

Pity the ones here have front drum brakes. Not too inspiring on Chapel St runs.

got any hi res pics of those gorgeous blue track bike? tomacropod (at ) gmail dot com if you do.

I went through the gallery too - it’s almost worth taking a trip just for the shop!

  • Joel


I was shocked when I walked into the store, I hadn’t even been in NZ for 8 hours, and the first bike shop I walked into had sandblasted frames along one wall, and a 6x6m area packed with awesome bikes! So much better than the stores here, which are usually full of cheap mtbs, ungainly hybrids, blingy roadies and surly sales staff.