Fvcken Nanny State or What?

OK so I get food labeling and why we have it, but this???

here is the product it’s found on:

(I suppose it DOES have 0.4 parts per million of deadly SODIUM!!! :-o)

sometimes I worry about where we are heading.

I worry too. Does it also have the legally required use-by date?

you should only buy organic ice man…not that mass produced over refined shit.

you’re killing the planet.

Not a big concern at my house this arvo.

bahahahaha 2012? man that is ominous,
like have you ever seen anything with a used by date that goes past 2012??, no because its a mass conspiracy, the world is gonna end and all the big companies know it,

total tangent i know

its probably becuase it would melt by then man. i reckon 2012 is ambitious for ice really.

January 2012 hey…

Eros, the provocatively-shaped asteroid, will be entering earth’s orbit around then. Must be headed for some sort of cataclysm.


and erotically named…

By law you can’t have a use-by more than +5 years from production. Stupid for things that never go off, like vegemite and spam.

Is Eros provocatively shaped becasue its like a brake hood?

My dad is retired now, but used to be a scientist, mainly working on seals in Antarctica.
Anyway in the mid 1980’s he was working on Heard Island (sub Antarctic island half way between Australia and Africa) with a bunch of others. They had stayed on the island for a year I believe, and were due to get picked up by the then Australian Antartic icebreaker the ‘Nela Dan’.
Unfortunately, the Nela Dan ran aground on Macquarie Island on the way there, and was ultimately sunk.
This was a little problem for my dad’s party since it meant they had to stay on the island for another 6 months before a replacement ship could pick them up. By that stage their supplies were running short.
Luckily Heard Island was used by the Americans during the Second World War, and there were a number of huts still standing on the island. When the group investigated they found a supply of canned food (bully beef I think) from the 1940’s.
So that’s what they ate for the remainder of the months, along with the native cabbage that grew on the island… :smiley:

Sorry, long story.

Mmmm bully beef and cabbage.

Wouldn’t want to be the bloke on latrine duty. :stuck_out_tongue:

so this eskimo takes his snowmobile into the mechanic cos it’s not running right. the mechanic has a bit of a look at it and says “Looks like you’ve blown a seal mate.”
To which the eskimo replies, “Nah, I was just eating some yoghurt.”

I’m here all week, try the veal.

Ahaha that almost had me on the ground rofl

In other news archaeologists have found honey from the ancient egyptians that was still fresh, and edible… it’s the only food which never spoils, although i think even it has a use by date when you buy it from the shops

… or the seal.

They didn’t eat too much of the wildlife- I think he said he tried a penguin once but it was quite oily. :evil:

It’s a bit of a worry when bottled water needs a use-by date, but then again http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2006/12/21/bottle-study.html and let’s not even get started on fluoridation being used to contaminate our seed.

True story. That and Coopers Pale Ale, which has a ‘best after’ date. :smiley:

at least you know there is no additives to your ice :sunglasses:

yeah, with the mind control and the conspiracy and all that (:

Isn’t there a difference between ‘use by’ and ‘best before’.

Yeah, I don’t get what’s so provacative about it either. Looks like a potato me.