Burgercat, in essence an alleycat that has 8 burger joints as checkpoints. Entry price will cover one burger price plus pool money. At each checkpoint you will eat one eighth of a burger and at the end will have consumed one entire mega hybrid burger. Any vegan entrants will eat a handful of chips and be mocked. First place takes home the cash pool, or depending on how many racers we have we might be able to do a second and third. Spoke cards for the first ten. If we get three or more ladies racing, I’ll rustle up a women’s prize. All are welcome, bring your mates, bring your kids bring your dog.

Facey page:

Come on down, do some skids and eat some burgers.

How about having a women’s prize regardless? Bit shit to just tack it on as an also-ran.

I’ll bring it up with patches, cheers :slight_smile: