i refuse to palp a bell!

i refuse to palp a bell!


And besides the Supercommuters, who uses a bell anyway?

havent laughed this hard for a while

the main contributing factor to each of these collisions was that the cyclists had not been seen or heard coming.

pedestrians caught walking or crossing bike lanes inappropriately will be fined $58 and motorists caught driving in bike lanes may receive an $88 fine.

So it’s ok to not look and just walk/pull out, fling your door open etc, because cyclists aren’t making 90dB of noise with strobe lights pulsing?

And peds will get fined, but motorists may?

Sounds fair.

ughhhhh, right in the middle of my mid semester break… fuck off

i got busted for no bell today
the attractive lady cop said she wasnt going to fine me and pulled out THIS ENORMOUS FUCK OFF CHROME BRING BRING BELL and gave it to me, warning me if i didn’t have it on tomorrow id be fined. I assured her i would. It’s the best bell i’v ever seen. In that it is totally fucking useless and takes up half my bars.
still, free shit is free shit.

where’d you get done HMC?

just outside the the arts centre where the outdoor coffee place is. ironically, two roadies passed me as i was getting ‘the talk’, neither of whom had bells. I pointed this out and all i got was spluttering. Ah well, i choose not to palp a bell i suppose.
my bet is they will be there tomorrow checking that all the bells the handed out are on bars. Im kinda tempted to ring it really loudly as i pass and thank them for the free shit

Interesting. Sounds like the Wednesday Night Ride might need an alternate starting point.

Interesting. Sounds like the Wednesday Night Ride might need an alternate starting point.

They’re only there until about 11am. There was a single plod on ever corner on Swanston this morning.

Cruised straight past all of them on the roadie with no bell.

It’s interesting you say that. I’m alsmot certain that they are more on the look out for fixed gears due to the general perception they are somehow dangerous. I reckon if i had been riding the roadie and lycrad up as i am sometimes, i would have had no hassles.

It’s funny. I wonder if they’re only targeting fixeds…?

Damn HMC beat me to it!

It’s funny. I wonder if they’re only targeting fixeds…?

It does seem lately the police have a bit of a biased eye for the fixed gears. Don’t hear of many roadies being pulled over do we?

do this

well, it’s kinds true isn’t it? nu skidz on the block was pretty bloody. one car accident, one face wound, one head wound, broken hand, grazed hip, whatever else happened. we can laugh it off, but that’s more crashes then a similar number of roadies have.

dude, i’ve been involved in bigger crashes than that on the road…

I’m suprised they arn’t sitting at each set of lights down Beach Rd on a Saturday morning…