FYXO / PEDLA / CATELLI pop-up sale store - Next 3 days

11am - 228 Chapel St Prahran

Popped up on my IG feed, just in case anyone missed it

Wouldnt mind some Pink fyxo bidons if they’re cheap and someone wants to hook a brother up!

I’ll be going through tomorrow afternoon, send me a PM with your wish list.

Wish I could sneak out of work, if anything maybe I can make it on Saturday (when most stuff is sold out)

Whoever goes down can they check the sales are better than the Pedla website? If it’s close I’ll buy online.

Went down at lunch, picked up a Pedla jersey and socks for $55. Some good bargains to be had.

Jase, those pink Fyxo bidons are there, but I didn’t grab any as it sounded like Moccos had it in hand, but let me know if you need me to go down tomorrow.

Mostly Medium stuff there, some XL (in the pedla stuff) most bibs gone, they were $90, the bottles, socks and jerseys are pretty well priced! Scored two bottles, two pairs of socks, one pair of bibs, one jersey and one long sleeve jersey for $225, g

Good sale. Scored a cool ted baker pedla kit for the Mrs and a FYXO Brooklyn bidon for myself.

Yeah, all sorted.
Went through this afternoon.
Got a few bidons and a tshirt.
Always great to have a chat to Andy as well.