Fyxomatosis Goes 'Private'

What’s up with Andy requiring a log-in nowadays? I can only think of negative reasons.


Dunno, I haven’t noticed any significant change.

Thats because you’re linking directly to news.php

Lets just say his security isn’t up to Mossad standards… If you presume you don’t know where the news section is, it can’t be found without applying for a manually triggered login. On the login page he’s pretty adamant that everyone can fuck off if they don’t want a log in, which is a kind of strange way to treat people. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an honour not a right to have readers… Anyway, if it works for him, bravo. Just seems odd, that’s all.


i had to create an account about 2 weeks ago, i think my cookies expired or something, because i couldn’t open new articles anymore.
i guess he figures that the people who need to know about him, know about him, and everyone else, doesn’t matter.

i think it’s a lot more that he wanted to allow comments for the articles, but wanted to stop the random vomit of fuckwits and viagra spambots.
registering takes a little bit of effort, and allows him a little control of the people who do decide to comment.
if you think it’s important enough to comment, you’ll think it’s important enough to register?
and the site was/is getting a lot of traffic from randoms who just roll through without really knowing what they are looking for.
it didn’t take much time, doesn’t take any more effort, and makes almost no difference to me, so why not register? i guess.

Having spoken to him the other day, this is the crux of it.

I do remember a good couple of random porn spamages on some of his pages.

Can’t he just put the news back up so we can read it and if you wanna comment on stuff you just log in? I don’t understand why it’s hidden.

yeah, it seems like a extremely roundabout way to block spam. there are more elegant solutions

It’s not just to block spam.

As LAM said there are actually ways to tackle spam. It’s not as though spam was invented yesterday. As far as I can see, his blogging platform is home spun, so I’m suprised he’s having a spam problem at all. Spam bots target known blogging platforms because the submission requirements are easy to figure out.

Powdah’s suggestion is reasonable, and what most reasonable people do. Not only is he annoying people, but he is actually hurting himself, not letting search engines index his content. I don’t want to sound like an SEO whore, but his hits will actually decrease with the attempted stranglehold on his readers.

I have no idea why I’m even in the slightest bit worked up about this, but it just doesn’t make sense…

It is quite a pain in the butt.

But it’s obviously not being used for access control to the page content itself, rather access control for comments.

I couldn’t find a robots.txt so I guess all the content can still be indexed?

I have no idea why you’re so worked up about it either :slight_smile:

But AFAIK that’s only because you know where news.php is… There is no link to it if you assume you’ve never been there before? Maybe I’m wrong, but the other day I visited the site and could see no link-in to the content, but just happened to remember the content came from news.php…

Anyway, hell, why am I burning neurons on this again? Back to relaxing on the boat for me!

It seems like a waste of time making people log-in. As others have suggested, if you had never visited the site before, why would you bother signing up? I can only see this as being a negative thing for his site.

before i signed up, i could still see the news page, but when i clicked on the links it would just take me to articles from the blog in 2004 or 2005,
which was pretty useless.
i have no idea why, and it’s not really worth any more thought

If I can weigh in on this heavy debate.

I haven’t visited fyx.com since the registration thingy-ma-jig was implemented.
Not because I have any problem with it. But because the 2 seconds it would take to log in are the same two seconds I have to procrastinate on the site with. So I juts sort of moved on to the next site. Although after seeing one pic of the completed tarten BT I was tempted to go register and log in.

hello all.

after a month or so of experimentation, you can now view the news/galleries and merch without logging in.

If you’ve been following the site since 2003 - it’s been in constant states of ‘evolution’. This was just one more state.

The ‘logging in’ has had mixed reviews, but you can now choose to join or not to,

Logging in gives you access to the forum and search functions.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on blogging, so I’m all ears and eyes when people have valid concerns and opinions on how I can do things better. Especially the ‘back’ end side of things.

Ya’ll come back now!

I think this is welcome decision Andy!
See you at the Roobaix

I have the news page bookmarked, and never noticed the change.

Is there any chance of an RSS feed?


There already is an rss feed. I dont have it set up anymore but something in that google results page used to work pre-lockdown.