fyxomatosis wheels

Anyone had any experience with fyxomatosis wheels - Looks like some have become available on the site and sound pretty sweet.

what are the prices like - they seem a bit steep but I might be wrong…?

I’ve never actually bought anything from Andy, but he’s a stand up guy and absolutely trustworthy.

(No direct experience here.)

However I do agree that the prices are not cheap, and they are second-hand bits, so buyer beware. That said, I agree with Snowy that Andy is generally trustworthy.

As a point of comparison Shifter Bikes wheels are $400 (Formula high-flange sealed hubs straight-gauge laced to Velocity aero rims).

I guess it’s up to you to decide how much you value having vintage, brand-name parts?

A lot, knowing the man.


i just am into me qaulity - a bit of njs here and a bit of njs there makes for a purdie rider…


what i want to know is, where the heck does andy find all that stuff…? it feels like the gods are shining down on you when you find just one good secondhand velo part no one knows the true value of … but andy consistantly comes across nice parts, frames and entire bikes.

what gives? is it the gonz opening up a buried container of veloporn, and letting andy use his well-hit site to sell it to the masses? n.


Andy is always buying stuff on ebay and elsewhere, like ALL THE TIME. So, I presume he has a bedroom/shed* full of bike gear, just waiting to sell to people. (*of course bikes are banned from the marital boudoir, right?)

It would be like you buying every fixed thing you ever saw (despite you not actually NEEDING it), and keeping it until you found someone to sell it on to.

I and most of the other guys don’t have the room for that, so that pretty much leaves Andy as the only one collecting in such a zealous way.

The upshot of holding such a stock level in the back of the ‘shop’ is that he generally has the stuff (or something similar) when you want it.

Which reminds me: Andy, do you have a ~90mm Cinelli/whatever c’70’s stem in silver/bare alu that would suit my Hillman?

what’s his ebay id then :slight_smile:

May be able to help you out there, awaiting delivery



Let me know when it comes through Leo - did it come with some bars or on a bike*?

(*new project perhaps?)

its his job. just like you being good at whatever you do that puts food on your table.

I dont know many people who get paid for talking shit.


Actually, i do.