Garage Find

Found it…

Page 6 of this link

It is a Zipp Multi Sport By the looks…

Track one looks crazy

Damn Adrian! That thing is sweet.

Had some luck in the last week as you know…

Have you guys got the surly fixxer in Gear?

do it!

you know you want to :wink:

sorry they just don,t do it for me, have a friend with one, looked at it for a weeks but i still don,t get it. each to their own

mardi gras softride?

Ha Ha
Would mind it looking like this…

Raw Carbon

that is the sickest thing i’ve seen in a while man , would love a go , oooooooooooo!

I had a softride about 10 yrs ago to do some tri’s, hated it.
Soft bouncy and you go to all the trouble to get a frame set-up and seat height adjustment
and it rolls along bouncing like a pogo stick effecting your leg/seat height…

But each to their own, if you like it because its different, so be it.
I guess thats why they make bike racks now and not bikes.

Yup wacking a new Tub on the rear today and will take it for a run if I can get it sorted…

pix of you pogoing or it didn’t happen

Anyone got a Surly Fixxer???

Dont put a fixed rear on this it could end bad.
Get some risers and put the shifters on the bars and run it geared,
Gears are the new fixed.


More cleaning…

Random cut drops

run it fixed, sell me the road groupset

If you fix it put a red aerospoke on the front.

haha Spoke might be a goer for the Bridges of Brissy…

Goose I just put a 600 tri colour Gear set in the parts for sale thread…

Thinking I might run a frition shifter on the frame body and single dhian ring up front.

Dayne I am looking forward to picking a little something up from Gear today…


I nearly bought a steel framed softride roadie last year from the Valley cash converters.
Search Allsop Softride. They also made mtb’s.

Pm sent