Garage sale , Evolution

Picked this up at a garage sale cheap as chips, had to spend $20 on a pair of tubes.Came with original bars and a longer stem.
Frame is a Evolution an the decal reads .
7005 Aluminium taper wall
made in USA.

Other decal reads;
Handbuilt in Australia by
Paul and Ken Evans
World Champion.
Wheels are Campag hubs laced to Omega rims , Cranks are Suntour , pedals Suntour Superbe . Shimano 600 brakesand headset .105 rear deraileur with no front one. All the decals are original.
Bike should polish up nice and because the chain needs replacing it might be a good time to go single speed.

how cheap is cheap as chips?


nice find! (but from the set up pictured it looks like the frame is a tad large for you.)

gotta love garage sales, hard rubbish and all other bikes you can find whilst walking the dog.

Frame size is fine, stem is a bit short because its all I had laying around and the one that was on it was way to long.

Looks nice, but I’d change the handle bars asap.

Only had it 3 days and half the shops aren’t open till monday so I’ll go shopping then. A quill stem adapter with white bars and black oury grips , white rolls seat ,singlespeed or fixed is the plan .Photo’s when it’s finished.

I’d be tempted to keep it with gears, seems a waste.


world’s best getting-around bike.