Garage Sale, Saturday 26th October. My House. 9am onwards. FREE COFFEE*

69 South Crescent, Northcote, right at Dennis train station.

Bunch a bike parts, bunch a other stuff, and ZOMG FRESH POTS from Supreme.

Coffee is free with purchase, or free if I know you / you high five me.

See yas tomorrow.

Garage Sale Trail : COFFEE FUELLED Giant South Cres Garage Sale

heaps of schwag!*

*and an actual swag.

Moved to ebay to allow commenting lols.

Coffee pot is ready to be switched on and brewing at 730am.

is it all your stuff? link won’t load for me :confused:

link works for me. my stuff, incompletestreets’ stuff, friends’ stuff. bunch of other garage sales in the area too.

Sorry the link works but the page won’t scroll? Probably just isolated to chrome or something.
Got any track cranks, 170mm ?

I know where you live!

Jane Fonda Workout pack… Lolz!!

MAP for sale. Ten bux