Garmin 705 & shonkymaps Mac

So does anyone run a garmin that has topo map features? I lost my base map but have found a topo map from Shonkymaps. I have downloaded the mac map file but am confused as to how to get it installed on my 705? Does anyone understand this kind of stuff? I’m trying to use Basecamp to install to teh unit…

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I’ve worked it out. So Sick! Screw paying $209 for the garmin licensed topo. So now does anyone know how I can run separate trail maps?

I’m gonna have to give this a crack to put maps on my 60csx.

I bailed on this option when trying to get Aus maps for my 60csx (had NZ maps) a few months ago as I thought it’d be a hassle.

I went with one of the maps from open street map, no topo lines but free has heaps of countries and easy to install - pretty much just cut and paste onto the data card of the GPS.

OSM Map On Garmin/Download - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I’m not sure what happend to my post… Maybe the wiki black out extends this far…

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