Garmin Edge 705/305...any good?

Just saw a pretty cool demo of what the Garmin Edge is capable of:

Pretty pricey ($455 for the 305, $600 for the 705), but I was wondering if anyone had used one and what they thought of it?

I have the 705 with cadence and it is awsome i love it it did cost 700 but well worth it

I love my Garmin gear. Gonna get a 705 soon but got a couple of 305’s and love them.
Hate the original software though, there is lots of others but my favourite by far is

Nice demo. Do they fully support macs os x now? I think recall reading something about there being quite a few problems? Not that it really matters to me, it’s not something I could easily justify needing and way out of my reach in terms of cost.

I’ve got a 705, best comp I’ve ever had by a long shot.

If you have a smart phone you can get apps that do a lot of that stuff for you. and apparently you can make calls on them too.

it seems pricey now but in three months you wont care at all, they are that good

I have had a 705 since Feb, current delivered cost is around $575 from an Australian distributor. And I use SportsTracks software to analyse and retain ride data.
Previously used a Polar 725, and the Garmin can do much more.

You can save a fair bit buying these from the USA on Ebay or similar. Specially now while our dollar is strong.

Wiggle do them for a decent price compared to a lot of the ones on Ebay. Im just about to buy one now as i cant find it any cheaper that what you can get it on Wiggle for.

be careful as to what is in the package. The Wiggle one for $A526 does not have the Speed/Cadence sensor listed as to What’s in the box. The Garmin Edge 705 Road Performance Package w/ Free Shirt has it but it is $A583.
Yes I am aware that you do not need the speed sensor as it can calculate from GPS positioning, but the cadence is useful when on my road bike.