I’m thinking about getting a pair of gatorskins. Just thought I’d check up and see what people’s verdict are on them. I’ve heared good things and they seem quite reliable. Anybody ride them?

Search, its been discussed.

Use the search function on this forum…but since u r lazy.

Gatorskin is highly recommended in this forum and I use it.

One of the best puncture resistant road tyres available.
heatseeker will tell you to get Schwalbe Durano Plus, but Gatorskins are damn good too.
Even the bottom of the range Vittoria’s like the Zaffiro’s are pretty durable too.

Tyres to avoid:
-cheap no names
-Maxis Detonator

haha im riding a zaffiro and its lasting me ages with not much wear


Lets just keep refering to this. and let the newbie do some homework for himself.,7251.0.html

Oh and can the mods make some half decent STICKY Threads on Tyres/Off-the-shelf-bikes/painting.

Cos seriously same questions week in week out. I’m all for helping out new people but hell, use the search button. Oh and if mods want help collating STICKY threads i am more then happy to trawl through threads and do something up…

You’re so helpful Gypsy, don’t know what we’d do without you.

How about I dig up some of your original posts and see some of questions you asked?

Go for it…

I did lurk on here for a good 6 months before i posted pretty much anything.

Heatseeker,That was a serious idea though. Many other forums have sticky’s like that, i dont see why you should make fun of the idea. Maybe it will clean the place up abit. Isn’t that what the new 2009 Nazi Mod regime is all about?

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