Gauging interest.

Be my guest!


Oh you boys are mean.

Yeah I’m down for some stuff. Let’s start this week. What are you doing Wednesday?

I’ll help out Andy, which bike trick, track or roadie?
Might even convince the better half to bing her new Colnago along too!

Ahh couple shoot! I don’t mind which you bring. Whatever catches your attention the most on the day. :slight_smile:

I will gladly be a part of it if you feel you would like to document someone’s addiction to road conversions or their secret unridden NJS shame.

Someone’s keen! But seriously, I’m at work until 1pm, but free after that if you wanna catch up. PM me for sick deetz!

Tandem obv. With matching skinsuits.


Well how about we get the ball rolling!

Erle was kind enough to drop by today at work and lend me a few minutes to snap his portrait.
It’s nothing special, but I’m pretty happy with it.
Thanks Erle!

Mr Dylan coming after Wednesday most likely.

Caught up with LP today. Obviously we picked the right day to be out riding and taking photos…
Anyway, portrait number 2! I kinda want to make a book out of this, if I can get enough. I’ll probably start hitting up those people who offered their time soon enough.

Bigger can be found here.

Edit: Also, thanks Liam for coming out today!


Andy, lovin the portrait book idea.

Nice work too mate =D

Great stuff Andy!

lookin good mate, shame about the guy on the right in the second shot… :stuck_out_tongue:

what happened to the dyldo baggins shoot?!?!

Thanks guys, means a lot!

Work got in the way. But don’t worry, it will happen. I assure you.

good work, being a photographer myself i love your idea

liking the second photo; nice vibe - surprised both have been with roadies though! i’ve toyed with the same idea before and it’s great seeing you getting out there and executing :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Yeah, I’m just going with whatever bike people rock up on. Seems nobody’s riding fixed any more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Photos look great Andy!

I still ride fixed and will have plenty of time after exams if you need some more interviews/flyness

I still ride fixed and I’m prettier than lp. Zac and I’ll do a couples shoot…

Im happy to do one: I will bring a bright coloured, inconvenient bike, no bag and have some less riding specific attire on for the whole diversity thing… I will try to look a little less grumpy than erle and Liam too! I love riding my bike! :smiley: