Gazelle in WA (get on it)

Good buying and “buy-it-now” - '74 gazelle with Arabesque groupset.

1974 Gazelle Champion Mondial - Reynolds 531 | eBay

make a nice rain bike

Have seen in person, LOVELY bike!

Get this instead it’s 531C $600 delivered.
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I was going to post this yesterday, but I held off as I worded up someone who’s been looking for a Gazelle C.M. for a while.

(Look at the chain path on the top of the chainring :wink: )

seems to be a few gazelles popping up in Perth:)


surely it’s the same person, gooseberry hill and kalamunda are only 2 minutes from each other

The guy selling the gazelle on eBay had 2 gazelles when i went there lol. Havmt checked the gumtree link to see if it’s his 2nd one.

not me, promise =D

pretty sure hes a member of BNA as well, the dude with the twin merckx running modern gear

He never showed me his merkcx!!

I think the gazelle frame on gumtree is his s well. When I saw it, it was built up with a campy group set!

This has been listed and unsold on ebay about 4 times, at about the same price. I hope mine lands soon…