Thought it was about time I put something up. As the adelaide boys like to say, This is my bicycle, This is my gun, a converted Gazelle

56cm Gazelle Champion Mondial ~1986 (reynolds 531c) powdercoated white
Sugino xd with gold sugino bmx 46t chainring
purple velocities
fizik tundra
thats about it

oh and Ive got a gold chain for it that i havent put on yet


Photos taken hours before I smashed by back rim into a curb and ruined it (see help section)

Nice work ruining a nice Gazelle.

Flame much?

Looks nice dude. A little ‘blingy’ for me, but if it’s your thing then, y’now, that’s cool.

Please tell me you haven’t removed the derailleur mounts and cable guides off that.

looks like he has dude.

I’m waitin to see what Spirito has to say!

Now where’s the popcorn… this threads gonna be fun.

im sorry what do these mean?

lol lol lol

Not to my taste, but looks like a solid build.

What did the frame used to look like?

it was spray painted purple with yellow fade.

and then i got someone to cut off the annoying metal bits. cos last time i tried on my dads shitty old lleyland(?) or something racer and cut a hole thru it so i figured id get someone to do it proper :slight_smile:

Why’d you need to cut them off? Fucccccck, i’ve lusted for a Gazelle for ages, and the bike gods threw one at you to destroy.

shitty old lleyland(?)

Lets hope to god that one wasnt a Llewellyn.

RIP gazelle.

i smell a troll…

my nudies kept gettin caught on them.

yeah llewellyn thats it

this is a joke, lock it