Gear chart on iP*#n3

Just in case some others on this forum have joined the phony poser crowd as well,
I downloaded this app the other day, Its on the iTunes store and its called “Bike Gears”

I do like it and its somewhat handy. Thought some of you might like this.
Thought them track types would like it too.

Some screen grabs of my Peter Bundy set up for you to see.
Yep they are on evilBOOK Pete

(Quick edit to add image)

Chart? More like smoke-n-mirrors.

Strangely… It seems to get the skid patches wrong. Try spinning your cranks, you’ll get 5 for one-leg and “ambidextrous”.

Ask for your money back :wink:

Holy Shit thats ORSOME! I just have to get an iphone for that reason :evil: