Gear etc

I just want to say how great Erik and co. at Gear are. I dropped in there while I was on my honeymoon about a month back, had a chat to Erik and Gypo, bought a hat. Nice shop, nice ppl.
Anyway, I then bought a bike on ebay from a seller in Brisvegas who didnt want to pack it up etc. Contacted Erik and he offered to pack it up for me and get it picked up from the shop. He did a killer job on the packing and even emailed me to make sure it turned up safe and sound.
And i just bought a cog and lockring from Gear: talked to Marty at about lunchtime yesterday, he had it all processed and in the mail and it landed on my desk today. brilliant service guys!

so, sorry to sound like i’m blowing smoke up everyone’s arses, but be happy you’ve got a shop like that in vegas. good old fashioned service.


One time I bought a knog from Gear and the batteries didn’t work. True story.

Marty and Gypo keep making references to my trip to ‘Man’ island, and the whole lot of them make fun of the way I say ‘banana’.

real classy guys.

dont forget gas station andy :wink:

HAHAHA but your our token american :slight_smile: We can’t just laugh at Jamie 24/7 thats just not cricket.

candy bar. bar of candy.