Gear slipping?

Is it normal to feel like ur cog is slipping when you’re doing skip stops?
Was doing skids this arvo, first few were fine, then after a while, started feeling like the rear cog was slipping.

sounds like maybe your lockring isn’t flush up against your cog perhaps?
I had some slipping issues when I put on a new cog, and upon closer inspection it turned out the shitty lockring i was using had broken, so that would be my first thing to check. After that it could be your cog not done up properly or stripped threads on your hub(worst case scenario).
I’'d take it all apart, check the threads etc. and if everything seems ok reinstall the cog and lockring, making sure you grease the threads and carefully do everything up nice and tight. If in doubt take it to your LBS, they’ll do it for you no worries

cool beans. thanx man.