geared and heavy

this is the bike i built up last year in the states, my wife has one just like it but with a better paint scheme but i’m embarrassed to show it because it makes mine look dark and unhappy.

Its a custom bob jackson super tourer with sliding rohloff drop outs.
Reynold 631 touring tubeset, oversize.
59 seat, 58 top enamel paint (which is easily chipped, to my surprise)
rohloff 500/14 speedhub with 16t sprocket
hand polished (3 two hour sessions as i recall) shimano 600 cranks with 48t salsa ring
chris king front hub and 2 nut headset
velocity dyad rims
nitto 65 seat post, dynamic (maybe? the nicer and shorter quill one) 110mm stem, 44 randonneur bars
paul touring canti brakes, diacompe levers (i love the levers a lot)
salsa skewers
cut down control tech bar end for shifter mount
zefal brown cloth tape
velox bar plug (only one… customs stole the other)
brooks B17 champion green
DT spokes front, sapim rear, brass nipples all round, 3 cross allround, 32 rear, 36 front (the first and only wheels i’ve built)
vittoria randonneur pro 35mm (as if theres another choice)
campy gran sport peds
jandd extreme or whatever the massive one is… its XL and very nearly doesnt fit

i think thats it. its bloody heavy and very tough. i’ve been riding it for 8 months, 3 months of that averaging about 400km/week. dirt road, walking trail, bitumen, it feels good on all of it. the drops are a good height for riding in bunches and the tops are high enough and wide enough to cruise for hours with buds. i really wouldnt change anything about it. i couldnt find any new cranks that i liked more than old ritcheys, and both pairs of those that i had made their way on to wife’s bikes… but the 600s are fine. simichrome is good stuff. I had to drill out the rack mounting hole for the rear dropout bolt because the jackson came with oversized ones… which is a great idea for toughness but then the rack is compromised slightly to accommodate them. I have a pair of jandd panniers that take about 90L together, they are massive, and the big rack is one of the few that would keep them away from 175mm cranks and size 12 feet. I wanted the nitto big rack rear from rivendell but we stocked jandd and i got it super cheap. it weighs 2kg and its aluminium, double welded.
these pics are from my flickr, where you can also see my weird but warp speed merlin.