geared question....

Right, have just picked up a set of 7spd 105 hubs laced to velocity V’s which i think are built for punishment (cx style) but i only want to run a single ring on the front, can i run 7 on the back safetly? is it better to run the single ring on the front on the inside or the outside… etc etc etc… the geared thikng is new to me and as i live where there is dirt fun i figured i should enjoy it. Cheers Luke

Inside of cranks (in towards frame)

I’m running 1x7 at the moment. Great fun !

I’m gonna set my wife’s bike up as 1x8. should be tops with a nice wide-range cassette.

If your running a single up front it can be good idea to run a chain deflector on the inside to stop the chain dropping inside and a bash guide style ring on the outside. This leaves the chain no where to go. I ran a cross country bike like this and it worked fine with a cheap plastic guide which I still have somewhere and an old thin bashguard

like this

my DH and dirt jumper are 1x9 and 1x8, and my polo bike was 1x9. if you have a derailerable front cog then you will need a chain guide (or you could just get an old front derailer and somehow lock it into one position). if you have a single speed front cog then it should be fine, but i’d still run some sort of chain guide.
the mtb chain guides just fit around the BB, but i’m not sure if it will fit with internal bearings, all of mine are external.