Hey trick people,

I’m currently mid-way through the build up of my trick bike and I’m wondering about gearing.

I’m using 160mm cranks and 700x47c tyres on the back so I’d imagine it will be pretty hard to skid unless I do some Micro-gearing which is fine for me as this is a trick only bike and I have another for riding distance.

Can someone suggest what gearing they think would be good.

I do have a spare 39t chain ring but I’m thinking of going smaller maybe 33t or 28t.

What are your thoughts?

what size is the current front chainring and rear sprocket?.

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I use 36/16 and it still allows you to ride to spots. Otherwise 25/11-12 is popular for micro gears.

I have enjoyed 25x12, maybe to much spin for some though.

im running 33/13 on 700x40c (soon to be 47c) and 165mm cranks and i like it. good for cruising and tricks

maybe go the same or a tiny bit lighter because you have 160mm cranks

Thanks for the quick replys guys, very helpful :slight_smile: Appologies for posting a new thread on this I didnt see the gearing thread that was already posted.

I think I’m going to try 28/13t or 25/13t.

thats really low, i wouldn’t recommend it but its your bike so up to you haha

Ended up with 25/12t which is tiny. I’ll see how it goes might change it later if I get tired of it.

Only problem is the standard 1/8" chain will not fit the tiny 12t rear so I’ll have to run a half link chain.

oh true. make sure you have one of those special lockrings with the lip as well. you need them for 13t and lower i think?