So I’d been on the wait list for Geekhouse for almost a year. It just so happened that I came up to the top while I was in Boston. So, I’ve got this for riding around Boston for a hot second before I ship it home and continue with the polo tour.

King, Thomson, Omniums, Concor Lite, VO Milan bars, Time ATACs, generic weinmann wheelset for now, will be rebuilding my profiles into a new wheelset when i get home.

48x19 - even in Boston where its super flat; spinners are winners.

very nice lewie!

yeh, that thing is seriously boneriffic.


That is nice

absolutely killer

I saw this on Prolly.

It’s fucking nice.

Those VO Milan bars look hot as well.

I’d love a better look at the bars from a different angle

Geekhouse Bikes: Lewis’ Rockcity Track (Prolly Is Not Probably)

This thing is perfect (once you put those new wheels in)

man lewis that’s awesome. clearcoat is sweet as bro. does as ride as good as it looks?
super thin seatstays - still big enough for a skingrowsback sticker though hey…

Dude its SO nice to ride!

i’m feeling pretty good in the pants after viewing this

do like. a lot.

never thought an american style build could turn out so nice. those cranks look really nice.