Geelong Ride

Hey guys,
Looking at riding to Geelong later in the week, Does anyone know the best way to get down there, avoiding citylink?

You can take the old highway and back roads from Werribee through Lara etc. The shoulder on the freeway is wide and in good condition though. I’ve ridden it before no problems, you’ll get blown along by the traffic too.

Ah thats good, I just wasn’t sure if id be dead on a bike there. Whats the best way to get out of melbourne, im leaving from carlton, do i take the Westgate?

Now that I would like to see! :smiley: Pretty sure riding on the bridge is illegal, and ridiculous on a fixie.

Go through Footscrazy then out the old Geelong rd.


Here’s one version of the back roads way :

Search some more in bikely to find others.

Not if you go through the Richmond Domain tunnel first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sarcasm guys :smiley:
But anyways, thanks for the tips. Will plan it out tonight. On the roadie too, would be death otherwise.

It’s easily within fixed gear range.

I’ve ridden the Westgate in the ATB… Did nothing for my knees though…