GEFSCO 58cm track bike

A Very Nice AND Unusual Gefsco Track Bike Campagnolo Nitto ETC Fittings Fixie in South Eastern, NSW | eBay

Nice. Are Campy Strada cranks road cranks?

The parts aren’t so great but the frame is nice.

Yep. Hardly different from Pista though as far as I can tell

Tange Aero tubing too! V nice!

Starting to think my LoPro made out of the same stuff is a Gefsco as well… Wish there was a way to confirm.


Very cool bike, bargain too !!
If it was that little bit taller I’d be in Hamish’s ear big time !!!

(… that sounds kinda wrong)

The seatpost clamp setup on these frames is not the best.

Why is that?

Shoot some pics of the lugs, fork crown, bottom bracket, dropouts, seatstay bridges and stays where they attach to the top/down tube and I’ll do the asking for you :wink:

there’s nothing wrong with that at all

The bolt screws straight into the seatpost and leaves gouge marks…

And … ?

Seatposts are pretty cheap & easy to replace, whereas the traditional seat lugs with binder ears from that era were a) a pretty shitty design and b) wouldn’t work with such aero tubes.

I’m with Spizz. Thats a cool bike.

Agree, hate gouge marks but I have machined up up a protective sleeve that the seat bolt presses against - “beautiful”

Will get some tonight Ben! Does have a spade cut out in the BB (if i remember correctly)

The original Tange Aero seatpost in mine had been drilled at the back so the grub screw actually screw INTO the seatpost to stop it sliding.

I found a NOS seatpost and replaced it (thankfully because it was UGLY)

My frame still has the threading in the back of the ST for a grub screw, but has had a traditional binder set up brazed on. Have seen the same binder set up on a few bikes with this tubing now.

Get someone to machine a cupped face, floating brass insert and bore the grub screw to suit.


Not if they’re the teardrop insert kind (which this isn’t.) I agree, the grub screw sucks shit. I like Powdah’s Kypo with the dual grub screw a bit better, at least you weren’t relying on one tiny little screw.

Did Tange actually make a seatpost for their aero tubing? Was it a round or teardrop insert? I’ve always thought of drilling a hole in my seatpost…however I think I tightened it up so much last time after it slipped, I probably made a hole :smiley: