gefsco & kenevans

bit of rad stuff here…

Track Bikes | eBay
the same guy has a nice disc too.

Can one convert those 1150s for track?

on the other side of the hub are track & lockring threads. you’ll just need another axle.

That gefsco could very much be one of the Aussie team bikes that he built.

Who was that tall??

Ask the seller, that’s either their container or they’re liquidating it and might know who owned it!

Might give this a crack, only interested in 1 frame though (have a KE pista already)
I live in Melb so any SE Qld co-bidders out there? Don’t need the parts either (other than stem/bars on Gefsco)

Frames look to be 60cm or greater?


Anyone on here win and wants to part out??? :0

That disc sold cheap. I think.

Hard to tell. Casette was rusty so I didn’t trust the races