General bike tech tips- Do's and Dont's

The tightening “nose” bolts on Cinelli stems are soft as fuck and are easily rounded in the allen key part. If you strip one and can’t be arsed finding a Cinelli replacement, seat post binder bolts work just as well (if not better).

haha what!

many bike mechanics who have been around for years swear by latex gloves!

years and years of grease/oil/etc can mess with the skin on your hands

yeah if thats your job, but taking them out on a ride is just creepy

Skip latex, get nitrile. (the blue ones). The compounds in greases, oils, cleaners etc will cause latex to break down and fail.

I keep a pair of gloves in my tool roll. Saves my bartape, jersey etc.

And if you’re a wrench and not wearing gloves, at least use barrier cream.

incase of emergency cavity search perhaps?

This guy only uses latex.

Crabon stems are a waste of money.

Bartape; Clockwise on the left, anti clockwise on the right.

Bike Maintanence; It will take longer than you think.

Also, before you buy a Japanese kierin frame check the rear spacing. 110mm rears are a bitch

I completely forgot about this… Lucky it didn’t affect me.

i just say ‘inwards’ from both sides :wink:

+10! OMG how often you forget…

If you can’t be fucked dealing with a stubborn lockring, i just found out, the long and hard way, you can cut that shit off.

Time ATACs 4eva, though they only lasted me 5 months.

And it’s harder to spell than you think.

Not just YOUR HANDS.

A bloke I know sells industrial protection equipment and supplies, including gloves and hand cleaners. Showed me a couple of studies pointing to a higher than usual incidence of cervical cancer among wives and girlfriends of mechanics, toolmakers, fitters & turners and other blokes who handle mineral oils all day.

Think about it, it’s kind of disturbing.

sounds like some pretty interesting ‘handling’!

Well i, for one, am now quite worried. Gloves it is fom now on at worky. Lucky im single heh heh

barrier cream FTW

Don’t use Barrier cream. It give me migraines and makes me spew. I think i will take my carcinogens without a migraine thank you (and yes i only use it on my hands)

I was thinking latex gloves could come in handy when you haven’t got a pollywaffle wrapper. Not sure about nitrile.

mental picture of the day.