Generic carbon clinchers

Clincher Rim 88mm pair Full Carbon Wheel 700C (20, 20) | eBay

Anyone had experience with these? What do you think? Good/bad? Value for money or just cheap and nasty?
I was thinking about giving some a go but cheap carbon scares me a bit.

General view is that they come from the same few factories as everything else. Probably won’t have the same quality or design features, but they’re deeeeep carbon rims, and that’s all that matters. You won’t be running a brake on there, will you? No? You don’t even need to worry about that!

Only side winds.
Worry about those.

That is by far the most important detail, safety and practicality are obviously not to be worried about.
It is one of these or an s80, which I would trust a whole lot more to be honest =P

Talk to user JKLP

Lots of threads on line from folks running the HongFu carbon tubs and clinchers w/o issue so far. 0 Rim/wheel : E-hongfu-Bikes

I ordered a set of the 50mm tubs for my CX bike, nothing better to prove their strength on a CXer I reckon.

I will have to try research the eBay ones a little more although an s80 seems like a better quality/safer option right now (even though the decals are hideous). Strength is the only issue I am worried about really since they will be used on the street a fair bit.

You should do a review on the ones you’re getting once you have out them through hell.

I think user Huge has a set. Maybe PM him?

user n8 has a pair on his time trial machine. he had no problems ripping my legs off up a 15km, 6%+ climb using them.

comment was made that braking is a little hit or miss; sometimes it will bite, sometimes your brake pads feel like soap.

they are loud.

happy as with mine… not real pleasant to use at pace on a windy day, nor do they like changing direction at speed without significant input - but that’s to be expected with anything that deep.

weight wise they’re better than I expected and have been fine for climbs

That doesn’t sound so great, luckily these wont be used with brakes.

Yeah I expected them to be horrible in the wind and such, thanks for the advice.

let me know if you ever get a set, im interested, but not sure how they would handle street use, especially riding brakeless

I’m guessing they’ll hold up fine, I’ll only be running one on the front. Low spoke count + carbon + skidz would probably kill one pretty quick.

marty’s building a set redness which are 32 count - should be half decent with that many spokes I’m guessing

But will the stand up to all his crashes.

mmmm and hes a biggish lad so ill give him a few months b4 decsision time

Don’t do it. Rode a set of 60mm carbon clinchers on the street fixed in China for a decent enough ride. It was horrible, steering was shit, any bit of wind was shit. No where near as smooth as i thought it would be. IMO good for looks, shit rideability on the street and would not put a set on my bike unless i was on the velodrome. Plenty of better stuff on the market which has been proven to be both tough on the street and looks the goods. I was close to putting a set on my new colossi, but after riding a set i very very quickly changed my mind.

Marty is a hipster whos commute involves home > gear brisbane > uni. Max 10km point to point commute if that with coffee and cigarette breaks in between.

I reckon you’d tear a set apart.

i lolled, i once rode 10kms…

maybe back to the overpriced HED3 plan then :frowning:

That was my original plan also, any idea where they can be obtained? Other than wiggle.