Geoffrey Butler

My Bike #5
1970’s Geoffrey Butler frame
Dura-Ace hubs, headset, seatpost, chainring
Ye Olde Campy Pista Cranks (151’s)
Izumi Model-V chain
EAI cog
Fizik ‘Chameleon’ colour Vitesse saddle (for ladies bottoms)
Steel Profile quill stem
Deda bars
Deep Vs/DT Swiss spokeys
Vittoria Evos CS (no skids bros)

Looks like your track end has taken a beating. You sure thats safe to ride?

What size is the frame?

You’re one of those young bucks that ride faux track bikes on the street!

That’s because it has been raced for about 5 years by my husband, who is a mega sprinter. The fork ends are crushed (and hardened). They’re not going anywhere…

And Jolan - faux track bike?! Real track bike :stuck_out_tongue:

57cm (ish) I am a tall lady with a ladies’ bottom

That’s a nice looking pony. Which Croydon does GB hail from?

Surrey, UK.
they’re now!

i normally dont dig white frames, but that is a really nice build, i like

Nice build, very clean lookin!

Not even one? :evil:

wow that dropout :open_mouth:

lovely frame, nice build.

I was reffering to this:wink:

Very nice bike … I hope it’s not always that clean :wink:

psst: 1200 grit paper takes the tektro logo off in about 5 seconds. A quick polish with Autosol and you’d never know it was there :wink:

It’s a very small detail and the finish of the brake is quite nice but it’s a helluva lot nicer without the logo

Ah. I did just read that. Please note I do have a brake on my bike. :roll: And I wish somome would call me a ‘young buck’ haha

Au contraire, I love a classic white frame.

Nice ride.

I dont know if im going a bit bats but it seems like there is a slight arc in the seat tube very slight but that might just be the angle/shadows/decal … dunno

nice ride dropouts seem sad :0

i like everything except the single brake lever, but thats a minor thing. very nice bike.

brake lever is only there until my singleshot comes in… :wink:

And the seattube is straight - that’s an optical illusion!

Dropouts easily replaced - the whole rear end has been replaced once after quite a dramatic prang at the state sprint champs one year - both riders going too slow, front rider slipped down track, rear rider tried to jump over the fallen bike and ended up squashing the rear triangle - took three people to remove the rear wheel (which was sandwiched by the squashed seatstays :roll:

all good then! :mrgreen:

that frame is a piece of art…love it