george bush hates track people

obama rides!

needs to put his seat up a little.

Saw a similar pic in today’s 'Strayan but his trailer was cropped out. What was he towing? A 'Vote for Me in ‘08!’ banner? ‘Visit Hooters, DC’? ‘No Blood for Oil’? ‘Is There A Sign In My Bike Trailer That Says…’ … never mind

(nb. the guys are going to have a field trip.)

pretty sure it was one of those billboards plastered with this bike is a pipebomb sticker.


and finally to art by mags! - urban folk art featuring recycled materials + diy design = t-shirts, mixed media, art prints, and more! New Orleans, Louisiana

cooler than garrett cards i imagine - not that they exist

although i’d love a chairman kev one. the other big kev.

incidentally who is it that has the ‘i want to believe’ / ‘the tower’ x-files / tarot spoke-card … when i saw it my brain melted.