Get the party started right !!!

I’m always impressed when people apply ingenuity and have their priorities sorted. Hard enough making a cargo bike but one that carries kegs, pizza and music get a nod of approval (and envy) from me :sunglasses: :wink: :lol:

That must be hard to ride…if at all.

I like the Danish coffee bike…even though it’s a trike:

Not if it’s well designed. I really admire those who build and make such bikes. A lot of factors involved and I imagine a lot of trial and error too. It makes building a traditional double diamond style frame seem piss easy (which I guess they are).

I’ve seen a few of these style bikes being used and ridden something similar but on a smaller scale and apart from it’s longer wheelbase (larger turning circle) and slower reaction to steering inputs they track well and are easy to get use to.

A lots involved and to get it right takes a lot of experience and a builder who likes complexity and a challenge. That’s why I really dig seeing bikes that test the boundary of whats possible. We are all bike people, but builders like this deserve more cred as bike royalty than Ernesto Colnago in my opinion.

There’s a company in Brisbane who is starting to build them.


These aus-made cargo bikes could easily be retrofitted with kegs and speakers. I plan on getting one when I have kids. (Or when my wife does…)

Fixed. (Nothing wrong with being MIC mind you, but I don’t think there’s any mass production of Oz-built bakfietsen out there)

ahhh … I was wondering about that. Couldn’t find anything on their site that mentioned where they were made.

No nothing yet but Rob Pekin from Food Connect

has a couple and is sourcing bike builders.
I’m very involved in Food Connect so that’s how I know.

Ah, fair enough. I guess it’s not made clear, but the impression I got is that they’re Australian made… But a bit of digging and sure enough: fabrique en Chine.

Still, will maybe get one at some point, unless an aussie-made alternative pops up. Like azz’s source.

it’s gonna be hard to get a specialist local builder to make one for anywhere near the China price. Even the old time framebuilders will shy away. Too much time involved and it’s easier to make money from straight up road/track frames.

Hence the “unless”. At under $1300 delivered with a nexus internal-geared hub I don’t think we’ll see anyone bothering to compete. I dig em.

this is the kinda guy who if he rocked up at the start of your party would look way too keen
if he came to the party when booze was running low he would be a pure genius
imagine the carnage if he got t-boned

that table looks like it could support 2 strippers !!! :smiley:

I put on a show last month in Brunswick at a warehouse space on Lygon street. This guy rocked up with a cargo bike with 2 kegs loaded and asked if he could sell some beer. He set up on Lygon st and sold beer for the rest of the night. Great beer. Nice guy.