Get the ultimate fixie look in one purchase

Hard to beat!

COLNAGO FUTURA 2000 52cm TRACK Frame 1 of 38 !!! - eBay (item 160523980312 end time Jan-01-11 12:01:37 PST)

Wonder what happened to the fork?

This one has a fork…


Haha, Douche Bag team kit!

if i buy both of these will i become a real life bike messenger ?

If you buy the polka dot one and wear the kit, you can be the headliner at next years G&L mardi gras!

buy if you want to get bashed

Heners, why don’t you post a thread in the eBay section instea of trolling every single one.

Hardly trolling when i’m just naming a fact or an opinion.

Sorry if i’m a forum noob :frowning:

Wow, some idiot is actually bidding!

From memory, they were asking a lot more than this when they first came out a few years ago.

Here’s what a smooth $10,000 will get you… Colnago Futura 2000 Master Pista Track Bike Frame 54cm - eBay (item 170584189785 end time Jan-27-11 09:21:47 PST)

This was a kind of art project organised by Nadir, some hipster who organised the Guatamala messenger world championships, Ernest Colnago, who is apparently some other old hipster from Italy, and Futura 2000, an old ex-NY messenger hipster graf artist… :slight_smile:
(Actually, I really love these frames)

Yeah I’d rock the polka dot frame but probably leave the kit at home.

I’d heard that he’s actually not such a nice guy - a massive racist who gives/gave large campaign contributions to a far-right Italian political party. Provided that this is true, it kinda makes me never want to own a Colnago no matter how awesome they can be…
Anyone know anything more about this?

Nah, but Henry Ford was a mad anti-semite who financially backed Hitler, and you don’t see people boycotting Ford.

so did general Motors and chrysler. boycotting all of them would be like ignoring the big four banks here, and getting loans from some big dude called gustav in a back alley

Cool… that’s one less person to bid against on Ebay ,and push the price up on these sexy machines.
Win, Win.