Getting started with brazing

What do I need to get started in the fine and rewarding hobby of brazing?

I would like to fab up a few things such as custom racks and a small trailer. But I don’t have a lot of money. Is a small butane powered blowtorch going to be sufficient for this? What else would I need? And where can I get it for not much money?

I have seen a couple of hose + tip kits on ebay but they seem to be more targetted at jewellers.

I have used a burnzomatic (love that name) MAPP torch kit from bunnings (it’s the one with the yellow tank) which cost <$100 and worked fine on the werkhoven.

I think the tips can be changed I got a fairly broard one but you might need to look into a finer one for small things and better temperature control to get nice fillets.

Bunnings also sells the brazing rods. which ones you use depends on the strength you need though they didn’t have the hig strength ones when I got mine. the rods were CIG so your local CIG shop whould have the full range

I’m not sure how long the tanks last but i think it was mentioned on FGG you can get at least a frame out of a tank.

Go to FGG and look upon the works of tinmantis or tin biscuit or tin something the man is clearly mad (in the best possible bike building way)

Thanks DaFROG

I had a feeling you might reply. I will drop by bunnings this week and look into it.