Getting started

Ok I have a suitable frame and wheels.

Could you list a few bike shops (city and eastern suburbs ) that may be able to supply narrow sprockets to run with an ordinary derailleur chain.

I don’t really want to go the 1/8 inch track chain route if I can do otherwise.


Which city?

hello mike,

presuming you’re in melbourne, (malvern) or Abbotsford cycles are very good. If you’re running brakeless, i wouldnt suggest you run 1/32; although i think some people may not agree on that, i however wouldnt trust the strength.


I’ll second Nicks comment on the chain. Even if your running a single front brake, you’ll find yourself using the gear to slow down. I’d recommend the 1/8th if your going down this path. Two brakes would be a different kettle of fish me thinks.

The brakeless 3/32 or 1/8 chain issue has been done to death in fixedgeargallery forum. Just do a search.

The pin diameter does not change regardless of chain width. As long as the chainline is good. The thinner chain will be just as strong.



3/32 even.

i’ll have to find that thread and read it des.


Not saying you are wrong; if thats the case though, why do track riders use 1/8? Less stretch?


That’s why trackies still use 1/8. Also most track rings and cogs are more easily available in 1/8.

Like I said. If you compare a 1/8 and 3/32 chain … the pin diameter is the same. The plate thickness is the same. Only difference is the pin is longer to accomodate the thicker rings. A longer pin wouldn’t be adding more strength to the chain.

However, if you decide to use a 3/32 chain. It’s much better to get one made for track or BMX. Stay away from 3/32 chains made for geared bikes.


the KMC 810 “Koolchain” is an excellent chain which lasts forever. I use them on my surly (fix), my SS mountain bike and my trials bike. They’re about 78c wholesale.

  • Joel


I have a great old British one.
No idea of the brand, but it doesn’t seem to be wearing the chainring or the cog.
Loving it.

Won’t be upgrading for a while!

When I found the Skidstar in the hard rubbish collection it turned out the chain is stainless and just needed cleaning. Now it’s faithfully serving somebody else’s bike.

There’s something heartwarming about a discarded, almost 40year old chain being put back into service.

Dead set in the fair dinkum department… it has to be connex, but why?

well my friend its all about the nickel plate, ya see if ya run no brakes, governing ya chain line is mint… the theory holds that as long as the bugger is personnelly lubed on regular basis, does not stretch beyond the dreded 1% line, the little darlin aint goin no where.

we love you oh nickeled one!!! please dont leave me again. :cry:

try bicycle recyclers, its a bit out of town but always worth the trip. (melbourne) chain from anywhere really.

and that’s using a track chainring and sprocket?

no those are all regular SS rings, sprockets. All 3/32" width.

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