Getting stuff nicked

Hey all,

It sounds like bikes getting nicked in Sydney is on the increase?
At least its getting reported on this forum regularly.

Can we start a post that records all the stuff that gets nicked, so if it turns up…
London has a stolen bike blog ( but this forum could do some good.

Also tips for newbies on how to avoid getting stuff nicked in the first place. Good lock, used properly :mrgreen:.

Where does all the nicked stuff get sold… anyone?

i guess it’s a good idea, but these things get cluttered real quick. maybe someone can start a thread that only has the details of stolen bikes, no commentary, no “shitthatsuxbro” or any of that.

i haven’t seen that many stolen bike threads started, so maybe that could work.

also, I haven’t heard of too many fixed gears being stolen in sydney. there were the 2 from the cinemas at paddington, and andy’s from his garage: can’t remember any others recently off the top of my head. I’d hardly say it’s reached epidemic status and I sure as hell hope it doesn’t.

i stopped a couple of ‘westies’ trying to steal a dog of a mountain bike out side my work the other day… the bike wasn’t worth riding let alone stealing and these boys were about an hour and a half by train away from there normal base of operations… rats tails and all… :roll:

My Malvern Star dragster - 3 speed T-Bar shifter, crimson metallic paint was stolen outside of Liverpool City Municipal Library in 1978 :cry:

I been lookin’ to kill the fucker who stole it ever since :x … Any leads appreciated !!!


Ebay… Usually stripped down and ‘rebirthed’. :x

we’ve had a beaten up old raleigh track frame taken from our side passage… that was a while ago though… before I knew how big this fixed thing had got… and about 6 months after that a shitty black commuter got taken as well