Getting your feet back into toe clips while rolling.

Hey Guys, Only just started riding fixed, and I can’t seem to get my feet back into the toe clips whilst rolling. Is there any special trick? Or is it just practice?

get some clips and u would never have to worry about it…

practice makes perfect!! so go practice!

Like most things it will just come together with practice.

some peddles are harder than others, the flat bmx style that go with the velcro cups are generally harder than the track style with leather straps and metal cups, and the plastic cups with nylon straps are the worst of all (usually stock on cheaper bikes). only resort to clips if you change your career to courier, maybe not even then… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. It’s just frustrating trying to get them back in. Almost…got…it… FLIP -_-

Especially without having to stop and hold onto something haha.

Thanks Scud. I have the Odyssey Twisted PC’s with toe clips and leather straps. So i’m kinda in the middle…

you just need to work out where to put your foot so you can flip the pedal over and slide straight in.

or you could get cleats :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the input guys.

i find it easier on the down stroke, as the pedal hits the 6 oclock, drag your foot back, and your toes sort of automatically hit the pedal and it slides in.

hope thats makes sense, and practise practise practise

If you want to speed up the process of getting comfortable with getting your second foot in, lean on a wall with your second foot unclipped, pedals in approximately the position you start putting your shoe in. At the start, watch your shoe as you put it in and take it. Keep practicing until you can do it without looking. 15 minutes should do it and may save a lot of effort in the long run.

Track style pedals with a small hook make flipping pedals a bit easier, so will learning track stands so you can stay clipped in at lights - which will also boost your hipster cred (not sure if everyone desires this) but the best option for actually riding is definitely clipless. That being said i’ve only ridden mtb spd clippless on fixed (where you can enter from both sides) has anyone any experience riding fixed with one sided road pedals ie look keos/ deltas or spd sls etc.? I can imagine coordinating flipping the pedal around and coordinating clipping in might be a bit too much.

I run Keywins and apart from the occasional “miss” on the first rotation haven’t found a problem. Entry is really similar to riding with toe straps - flip and click

Lose the metal clips and straps off the Odyssey pedals you have and buy some Holdfast Straps, easiest to get into and easiest to adjust for different shoes.

I looked at those, but they seem pretty pricey for some nylon straps and buckles… If they’re easier to use, I might knock some up on the weekend and see how they go.

Might add one of those hook like things to the backside too.

But, I will definitely practice practice practice.

They’re actually cheap when a set of Toshi double straps are $120+ and then the cost of clips as well. I’ve used single straps on MKS pedals, BO Gear Strap Ons and neither were as easy Holdfast are to get into and they’re only $70.
But again practice makes perfect and you’ll get the knack eventually.


Is this REALLY a thread about how to get you feet back into your pedals!?!?!

This forum is leaning towards a “help people wipe their ass because they didn’t get all the shit off the first time and now they don’t know what to do” sort of vibe.

I understand that when its a new thing some things are a bit foreign, but their seems to be a never ending supply of problems that riding your bike around the block more than once can easily solve.

If its any consolation, I ride exclusively fixed in Melburn but when I head back to Perth for work I use an old Repco roadie and it takes me about a week to get used to getting the foot back into the toe clip smoothly without the constant crank rotation.

i do agree with this sorry guy, its quite easy to teach your self with no help

I do see how it sounds like a “waaaa teach me things i should learn myself” kind of question, just seeing if there was a special knack to it is all.


We were all there once.