Ghost Bikes?

Does Brisbane or SEQ have someone making these bikes up to remember fallen riders?

On another note, in the past week I have started seeing stickers on cars saying ‘Watch Out for Bicycles’ and others ‘…for Bikes’ (meaning motercycles).

Were these mailed out for free or something? I didn’t notice them prior.

I always assumed it was just a junkyard bike and a can of spraypaint and people made them at home

^ it is.

Just wondering if peeps had seen bikes like these in BrisVegas.

I’ve seen one out near Nundah I think.

Yeah one at the Nudgee Rd crossing off the Jim Soorley bikeway IIRC.

i thought this was gunna be like a “you know i cant ride your ghostbike bro” thread… i feel bad now…

I’ve seen one on the way out to kenmore, always flowers n stuff on it. Clearly a rider memorial.

^^ yeah I see that every morning on the way to work. Along moggill road. Always new flowers.

As for the stickers, I am not sure. I really don’t know if they would make people any more aware of cyclists.

The one in moggill was (as I understand) relating to a young male (early 20s) who got cleaned up by a truck. both travelling in same direction back in september last year. its such a tragedy (as are all deaths) to see someone so talented and so young be taken like this. its a very sketchy part of that road.

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