ghostface killah

anyone going saturday night?

i wish.

Is he playing with his Theodore Unit- or am I like a couple of years behind? :expressionless:
How much, where?

at the espy :frowning:

Looking forward to it, not often I get a leave pass these days!

Who is he playing with, does anyone know?

Tomorrow night!!!
And gza in september!!!
Wu tang wu tang!!!

shitloads of local dj’s and mc’s. Mu-gen and a bunch more i’ve never seen. Ransom, one Sixth, mafia, manchild, nine high, and several more

think i’ll just stay home and watch rock the bells again instead.

true playa :smiley:


discussion point: favourite member of wu-tang?

for me it’s the RZA.

depends if you’re basing it on their persona or as an emcee.

Method man

i don’t mind, so long as you explain your answer.

Rza as Bobby Digital.

i like rza and meth for their flow. persona, prob raekown.

Official Nickelodeon - Nickelodeon Australia | Nickelodeon (it’s for the ladies, though)

Inspectah Deck is my favourite Wu MC without a doubt.

Ol Dirty (RIP) - there is no father to his style.

On another note of all things hip hop… anyone getting in to the new Q-tip? It has some serious replayability!

Also download the FREE mixtape by jperiod, The best of Q-tip:

More free hip hop - Cool Kids “Gone Fishing” mixtape here is pretty cool.