Gianni Motta - need opinions on frame integrity

Gianni Motta on ebay

the issue is the seat stays have been “drilled”

is this going to have an effect on the integrity of the frame? and come to mention it the general rust that is starting to show up, it’s potentially for the missus, so i dont think it’ll get a repaint either


Speed holes

I wouldn’t buy it

No where near the standard of a Brisbane bike.

seriously? what are these?

I’ve been wanting a 2001 for a long time now, this one is way too far gone.

i’m sure there’s a vid of the whole skit on the web somewhere…

but in actual serious, NFI.

My guess is its to do with the the curved seat stays, but I’m no frame builder.

Normally there are holes to let excess water out, these look like drilled to knock rust out or add super glue to make the rust stick to the wall of the seat stay, well that’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking to it.

Canti mounts for prospective CX frame?


Internal cabling holes for disc brake installation.

there’s no entry holes up the front for internal routing…

Quick fix with a drill.

Drillium the whole frame

Then recycle the steel, thats all it is good for

Yep. That obviously didn’t stop him before.

Di2 frame integration?

Was it for one of these dutch bike locks? I saw a few road frames in Holland with these things drilled into them

That lock looks like an actual possibility but I think ill leave it cheers everyone