Giant Seek S, with bullhorns & brake issues

Hi, just bought a Giant Seek S as my daily ride to/from work, it’s a single speed but not fixed.

I wanted to change the bars from flat to bullhorn, but this is presents a problem. The brakes are shimano 416 mechanical disc brakes, and I can’t seem to get brake levers that will work because I want to mount the brakes at the end of the bullhorns.

I’ve investigated interrupter/cyclocross levers which have the same mechanical advantage, (V brakes) and this seems to be the only way of making this work. I’ve asked a few people, including Abbotsford cycles, and they agree the idea is technically sound. Can anyone else help me?

If you need long pull and have short pull levers, that could be bad if not set up correctly and adjusted frequently.

If you need short pull and have long pull, you get a stiff feel with weak action or a very high finger force to compensate. This is the safer situation because you will always be able to brake.

So v-brake levers will definitely work, and from the sounds of it they won’t even be mismatched, so you’ll have a good balance of finger force and displacement.

Check here. There might be something to help.

OK all good but if you go with an MTB-style V-brake lever, make sure the lever clamp is the right diameter for your bars - many MTB levers are made for a 25.4mm diameter bar and many road bars (bullhorns included) are 26mm dia.

I saw one solution to this (maybe Sheldon?) - bodge it by shoving a piece of dowel (appropriate diameter) into the ends of your bars and mount your levers to the dowel.

Bar end TT levers? they come with an adapter for different bar diameters.

His problem is cable pull - TT levers designed for road brakes probably aren’t going to pull enough cable.

Here are a couple of (more spendy) alternatives that I’ll throw in the mix:

  1. ditch the bullhorn idea (they’re naff anyway), go with road drops, then you can use Road-style levers like Cane Creek Drop Vees (made by textro, there is a tektro branded equivalent too). They have longer cable pull than standard road levers, specifically for vees and mechanical discs. I use them and they are good; or

  2. ditch your shimano discs and replace them with the ROAD version of Avid BB5s or BB7s (better) - calipers are designed to need less cable pull so they can be used with road levers of all types. You might get s few bucks on fleabay for your shimanos to offset the cost.