Giant single speed 2010

I saw it at Carnegie and I was shocked

It looks like the bike get hitt by paintball…

I will appreciate if you are gonna buy this…

It’s a Bowery Mashup and it’s not a new variant, has been available in previous years. Yuk.

I’ve never seen one actually on the road. Only in shops with discount stickers on them. That says something.

Mind you, buy it and rattle can it another colour and you’re probably getting an ok deal.

back in the 80s
I love the colors ;p - much better than boring plain black frames.

But end-bar brake levers… meeew

i see a guy a few times a week riding up william st from flinders on a Repco frame, fluro green/yellow/orange/pink. unsure if it’s fixed or ss.

totally RAD

really? i’ve seen several on the road. don’t mind them, nice to see something different in the shops

yeah I’m not totally against it either, actually reminds me of a headway helmet from the early 90’s that had a very similar colour scheme.

I’ve seen a few around. They look a lot better in the flesh.

only seen them on the shop floor and they aren’t too bad… but i wouldn’t ride one

I ride one. Super awesome fun, back wheel got fcuked up by a car last Friday, so waiting on a new Deep V. The color scheme comes from a 1992 Klein Attitude. See them side by side

My only gripes would be that the gear ratio straight out of the shop is too high 46/16, and the tubes they give you are shit. The track levers are pretty awesome, riders started to use them so that if they hit a car side mirror it wouldn’t slam on the brake and send them over the handlebars.

Me riding around uni.

EDIT: No one mention my poor posture ty.

that thing looks so tiny! you make it look like a bmx.

I know a guy that rides one of these with a fluoro green zipp wheel on the back. I can only imagine how much driver rage he must receive.

Yeah I noticed it looks tiny in the pic, then again I am pretty tall.

Its Charles with the zipp wheel isn’t it? I don’t actually know him but I do know his girlfriend.

haha it is Charles, he gets around