Giant Ti frame - classic triple triangle

I’m really like this and it’s my size. Not really liking the price.
And won’t ship to Australia. What’s up with this bullshit 108" limit seller keep referring to?

Could you freight forward this to Oz if the seller won’t ship it?

GT Forte titanium Ti road bike frame 54cm | eBay

Plenty of forwarders out there. I’ve used DB before with great results.

A-Z Airfreight Directory - Cargo Agents/Freight Forwarders - United States

It’s the USPS girth & length limit. Near impossible to get a frame posted under it without it being small or packing creatively.

MyUS or Shipito can freight forward via FedEx / UPS, but it’ll cost ~USD$250.

Can’t be a USPS limit at they will post to NZ and other countries. So it must be an AusPost limit.

auspost has a 105cm length 140cm girth limit from memory for items posted with them, I’ve packed a 61cm frame under this limit (just)
I have recieved several much larger boxes from overseas whic had auspost stickers on them though (UK and europe though)

yeh, auspost limits.

you can wrap a frame in cardboard, with the forks inside, and will just fit. But padding will be limited.

the reason for the austpost size limit is the steel crates they load your package into

if it doesnt fit into these steel crates then it has to go ‘some other way’ which presumably costs them a lot more… but it is possible to sneak items through if you have a good relationship with your local business centre

getting things into the country is expensive and i am yet to find a loophole here

I wonder if this is a combined problem of local post offices in the US and maybe AusPost having a freight transfer facility in the US.
I have bought two framesets from Bikeman in the US and they have both been delivered by USPS & AusPost.
Thinking maybe this is a recent change I went to the sort, added a Surly 1x1 frameset and asked for a postage quote from their online system:
USPS Express Mail International $124.38
USPS Priority Mail International $107.94

Is this an option that Regular Joe’s don’t get from their local post office in the US?

small detail but GT is not Giant, in a good way…

mmm needs Super Record and some deep Carbon wheels. I need a new pub bike?