Gilbert's BMC Track bike

via Gilbert is back on track, literally!


Not really feelin’ it. Maybe it’s the wheels, or silver cranks…

this would look good whip-skidded down the Collins St hill.

I think form follows function in this case.

Looks like a Langster pro/Fuji track pro/Felt tk3. Like it a lot.

I like the frame etc…
Rekon the silver cranks make it look like the owner had them laying about and chucked them on
either way, its a lot nicer than my c’dale capo:)

I can’t imagine that’s a track-friendly down-in-the-drops-happy saddle. I just… ouch.

Frame definitely looks very similar to the 2013 Langster pro (dropouts excluded).

it has alot of the top tube design cues of the time machine, why not just chop the hanger off and use one of them?

this is exactly what it is.

I think its the ugly. Im sure its swift though.

fugly az.

I kind of dig it other than the drop outs.