Gios Cyclocross

Very very nice.

1975 GIOS torino Record CROSS cyclocross bike 56cc Roger de Vlaeminck Campagnolo | eBay

Wow. I love how the paint and Assos saddle show some age

That’s one of the nicest bikes I’ve seen in ages. How steep is the shipping to Aust though? $513

That’s a shame, but I’m not surprised as it would cost about the same amount to ship a whole bike to Switzerland.

It’s almost worth asking him to cut the spokes out and send just the parts and frame (minus the rims/built wheels). It’s instances like these that we’re reminded how far away we are from the rest of the world and it’s gonna cost lots more for that reason.

That’s a little bit fancy

The Antipodean Tyranny of distance Ay?

I had my Olmo shipped over from Switzerland at Christmas ( complete, 61cm) and only paid $130au for post. Hit him up and see if he can do it cheaper.