GIOS Track 53cm 650c - Perth Gumtree

For the Perth boys and girls.

Pretty cheap at $250 imo

Vintage GIOS track, suntour cranks, cinelli bars.

53cm and 650c though

Gios vintage track frame/fixie project

thats awesome!!! 650c is balls though!! should lowball the guy

ow i want.

gots no moneys!

I was gonna say no way … but yes, it really is a Gios !!! Someone should check this out in person as I don’t think it’s a 650c bike but rather the seller tried a 700c wheel and found it tight.

^ i reckon he’ll take 200, part out the bars and cranks…easy $100 frame!

you know spirito…thats some mighty good thinking. hmmmzzz

Just seen it before. It’s a possibility. It’s also a bargain/done deal if it is in fact 700c.

PAGING USER Dromedary!!!

if you want this i have hook ups and can get t over here, 53cm might be a tad big but 650b?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyone wanna post for me??

the frame is located in rockingham, approx 1hr south from Perth =(

not sure im keen enough to travel that far to check if its a 700c

someone just take a punt. its cheap, and nice. they might even post if you ask nicely… though i would be aware of time differences before you jumped on the phone.

im heading that way this week, if i get a chance ill get down.

its n rockingham? hahahah man i could get my dad to go have a look but that would be about as useful as donating an earthquake to japan

It’s sold

Cool, I hope someone here got it. The early Campy Pista headset is worth at least $100 on its own and much sought after. It’s hard to tell without looking at the pics but it’s either an early model or a later style as it doesn’t have the coins in the fork crown that were a distinct feature. Notwithstanding, any Gios is cool and they all rode well … very Italian, short top tube, twitchy and fun. You can’t help but wanna go fast on it. Build quality is OK and the trademark cobalt blue paint is something else (don’t know if they can replicate that colour again with modern paints - the old stuff was very toxic).


Who got it?

PM me if your interested in having it repainted in gios blue + stickers;)

Gypsy and I.

Well done. You cats are always a step ahead. Fortune favours the brave :wink:

nice work boys

Dibs !!!