Girls Bike Maintenance day

As an off-shoot of the girls wednesday rides Sam has offerred to share her knowledge of bike maintenance and other useful tidbits, like what the different bits of the bike are called. We need to do this soon before she goes back home and are looking at this saturday 20/11. Alternatively we could hold it on the wednesday night (24/11) instead, but I’ll need to know fairly soon if wednesday is preferred.
As always this is meant to be casual and fun
Who’s interested or knows someone who’s interested??

Sam, as in Sam the totally radtastic Team Bananaspoke member who swept into Melburn with her posse and took out the women’s aggregate at Dirty Deeds CX #3?

Any chance she can also organise a CX race in Adelaide before she goes home? I guarantee you there will be two Brunswick members there at a minimum.

IMG_0736 by ah_blake, on Flickr

OK, so ‘howto’ bike info day is now next Wednesday evening the 24/11. Meet us at the exeter at 6:30 like the normal girls ride then most likely we’ll head off to Treadly’s just around the corner (after picking up some drinks of course), as they have very kindly offerred to support us in this.
Naturally you can just turn up on the night and I can get a happy surprise with who turns up, but it’d be nice too if I could have some idea of numbers of people interested, so…, is anyone actually interested?

Oh and Blakey Sam’s not so sure she’ll have time for CX before she goes but Alex who also went is organising something for later this year I think. I’ll pass on your interest to him if you like

Sorry for the continuing threadjack, but please pass on the interest. Highly likely that nikcee would also attend, perhaps a few more.

G’day Blakey.

Thanks for your query mate.

I’m a fellow Bananaspoke and super keen to have CX take off here in SA.

Sadly, it’s not likely that we’ll be able to throw a CX race before Sam leaves us but we’ve made some real progress towards developing the discipline here, possibly having a scratch race this year and likely having a series or season next year.

Best way to keep track of that is to become a member of the Cyclocross group on Adelaide Cyclists.

You can sign up without actually living in Radelaide (we’re nice and welcoming like that).

Adelaide Cyclo-Cross - Adelaide Cyclists



Things are a-moving re organising this - we’re just getting some ‘infrastructure’ in place (anyone got a spare hose reel to donate to Port Adelaide CC?))