global gutz

just stumbled accross the link, any of y’all couriers organising this in Melbz?

hope so. I did it last year and it was freakin awesome. fast, fast, fast.

dude i thought the cmwc would be in guate city but panajachel, i fucking lived there for 8 months!! that area is just fuck off cliffs and hills in all directions with some fucking horrible roads and a shit load of cobbles, cmwc will be awesome!!!

it was a great race last year… i averaged above 43kmph for the first 10mins and melbz managed to get 3 riders in the global top 5.

im pretty sure i ended up in the global top 50 (wouldve/couldve been higher but for the punt road lights!)

it was also the scene of my lowest alleycat moment when i got dropped by a guy with panniers :cry:

(though i did later discover that it was a tour de timor and now melb-warny double veteran and very solid rider)

yeah, no shame there…

I’d feel honoured to be on his tail long enough to actually feel like you were ‘dropped’.

he’s a great sit though - the boy is bloody huge.

Did you ride the road bike Nik?

certainly did… and the playlist (ac/dc, g’n’r , iron maiden) i put together for motivation wasnt anywhere near fast enough for the tempo.

so who’s organising it this year?
I think this could be my come-back race (I’ll have to obviously retire first…)

good question. i doubt corz and/or spud would be keen.

You can’t go fast to that rok n roll. Grindcore this year, fast, fast, fast!

shame the songs are over too soon.

i didn’t listen to anything other than the sound of campbell and lane gasping for air.